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5 Family-Friendly International Destinations

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

For many families, traveling can be stressful or just seem overwhelming. Add a toddler in the mix and it may feel impossible. Based on our travel experiences with and without our toddler, we've put together a list 5 international destinations. These destinations are sure to pack lots of fun, learning opportunities, and even some moments of relaxation for the entire family.


Barbados boasts a family-friendly Caribbean culture. It also showcases diverse culinary options from local Bajan cuisine to international favorites. Barbados has great road infrastructure, low-cost public transportation, as well as rental car or private transportation options. There is an array of boutique hotels, chain hotels and rental properties. All beaches in Barbados are free to enjoy by the public, but can still offer opportunities for privacy.


Turkey touts spectacular ancient ruins of numerous civilizations, out-of-this-world landscapes, world-renowned cuisine and an amazing value for the money. "All-Inclusive" or "Breakfast + Dinner" options can easily be found in this Eastern Mediterranean country, taking away the stress of finding meal options on family vacation. Public transportation, private transfers, rental car options and great road infrastructure make Turkey a great family-friendly destination.

"With Turkey, you get all the history and great cuisine you love from places like Greece or Italy, but at half the price." – USA Today


Belize boasts amazing ancient Mayan temples, the 2nd largest barrier reef system in the world, amazing cave systems, diverse cultures and a great destination to "socially distance". Belize is an excellent option for traveller's who speak cannot speak Spanish, but would like to get a taste of authentic Central America. It is best explored either by private transfer, rental car or golf cart (the cayes), as the road infrastructure is fairly good and the country has a low population density.


Safaris with skyscrapers or snowcapped mountains, sun-soaked Swahili cities, beaches with soft, white sands and azure water. This is Kenya. Despite being located in equatorial east Africa, the majority of Kenya's landmass is actually quite cool and mild due to its high elevation. Kenya's road infrastructure is great and it has a world-class standard gauge rail system that takes you from the beach to capital in as a little as 4 hours! No malaria or yellow fever shots are required for Kenya.


Mild Mediterranean climate, colorful castles, gorgeous grape terraces, centuries-old cities with great walkability and beautiful beaches with sultry sunsets. Portugal has a great public rail system and road infrastructure is excellent.

Singapore (Honorable Mention)

Singapore has a perfect blend of family-friendly tourist attractions, seductive street food, an environmentally conscious and technologically creative skyline. The small city-state of Singapore is incredibly safe, clean and well connected by public transportation. As of the date I am posting this, Singapore is currently not open to American citizens, but it is a great gateway to further explore Southeast Asia, yet holds its own as an excellent destination .

Traveling as a family can be fun and enlightening!

We hope you found our list informative and inspiring. Be sure to plan ahead, check our future posts on how to prepare, and the latest Covid-19 travel protocols for any destination you choose. Lastly, get the kids involved! Reading books like Kylee on the Go: Belize can be a great way to introduce kids to the country and make their own destination bucket list.

What family-friendly destinations do you recommend?

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