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U.S. Black History Travel Bucket List

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Uncover important historical monuments, sights, and museum across the U.S.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington, D.C.

Image Credit: Ward, Brook. (2019) National Museum of African American History. [Digital Image]. Flickr.

This is a must-see if you visit the D.C. area! According to the website, "it is the only national museum devoted exclusively to the documentation of African American life, history, and culture. This is not a museum you can run through in an hour. Plan for a full day or even multiple visits to soak up everything it has to offer.

Tips: Visitors should reserve timed-entry passes in advance online. Also, pack a snack when you do visit. We lost track of time and when we went to the Café, there was a 45-minute wait in line (pre-covid).

African Cemetery at Higgs Beach, Key West, Florida

Image Credit: Ward, Brook. (2019) National Museum of African American History. [Digital Image]. Flickr.

In the southernmost city in the continental United States, Higgs Beach in Key West, Florida holds an extraordinary piece of American history. Currently, the public beach provides recreation for many visitors but it is the site of the only African refugee (not enslaved people) cemetery in the United States. The site has plaques sharing the history of the area and Adrinka symbolism.

Tip: Arrive early, parking is free but limited.

Whitney Plantation, Edgard, Louisiana

Image Credit: George, Adventure. (2016) 05 The Whitney Plantation: The Big House - From The Front. [Digital Image]. Flickr.

According to the website, the Whitney Plantation Museum is the only museum in Louisiana with an exclusive focus on the lives of enslaved people. Visitors will be educated about the enslaved people who worked the sugar, rice, and indigo fields at the plantation, as well as the plantation’s owners who grew wealthy from their labor.

Tip: The ideal time to visit is between November and March as the majority of the tour is outdoors.

National Memorial for Peace and Justice, Montgomery, Alabama

Image Credit: Cogswell, Ron Adventure. (2019) National Memorial for Peace and Justice Montgomery (AL) 2019. [Digital Image]. Flickr.

The National Memorial commemorates Black victims of lynching in the United States. It acknowledges past racial terrorism and advocates for social justice in America. Aside from the great history shared at this site, the architectural design of 805 hanging steel rectangles that represent each of the U.S. counties where a documented lynching took place leaves many visitors with many emotions.

Tip: Plan to visit both the Memorial and the Museum. They are approximately 0.9 miles apart (about a 16-minute walk). Visitors can check out the nearby Legacy Museum.

If you can't travel, here's a virtual tour exploring Black History in Austin, Texas.

What places do you recommend?

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